Couple of questions are asked almost on every free basement remodeling estimate meeting so we go ahead and happily answer for them:

Any recommendations?
Proudly members of Angie's list and Better Business Bureau.
Feels free to check references.
Also can provide contact phone number to people's finished projects.

Is there any limitations?
We can work on finished projects such as completely new construction.

How long project will take (basements)?
Depends of size,
Will not exceed 8 weeks period of time.

Who will design project?
We do! After an initial appointment where we discuss your vision for the project, 
we will get to work on drawing up floor plans and preparing a scope of work, 
which helps us to prepare an estimate. 
If a more elaborate design plan is requested,
there will be minimal d fees which will be discussed at the initial appointment.

Whats the responses?
We are respond for complete of the project.
From first 2x4 stud till last paint brush touch.
With Our company you do not need hire any other contractors 
to finish the project such as:
Complete plumbing 
Complete electrical 
Complete drywall work & painting 
Complete cabinets work ( we are cabinets designers and salesman)
Complete carpeting 
Complete stone top for installed cabinets.
(Granite,Quartz,Marble etc.)
Complete glass work on shower doors and gym mirrors.
Construction garbage removal 
Owners response:
Prepare room to work(basement,bathroom,kitchen etc)
Clean as much as possible.

Did you guys using any Green materials (recycle)? 
Of course.
On drywall , carpet padding etc.
Our paints are voc free (heavy metals)
And by the owner request we can provide 100% environment friendly paints 
(certified asthma and allergies friendly).
Also construction garbage are selected and recycled from copper,metal,glass etc.

We need to move out during construction?
Basement Remodeling  is the most convenient way to add new living space in your home. 
Unlike additions and pop-top conversions, there is no need to move out. 
You can live comfortably in your home throughout the construction. 
This makes basement remodeling  much easier on family lifeā€¦and easier to afford.

Will my project have a warranty?
Yes ,
There is a 1 year warranty on labor and limited warranty on the things from manufacturers.
But honestly whenever some issues happen we are coming 
to correct them with no or minimum charge.